Our Environmental Projects

Dive Carriacou is committed to looking after the beaches and water that surround our beautiful island. We cary out regular projects which help with the delicate balance of our small island improving it not only for the human users but also for our marine life.

Eco Friendly

Plastic Free
Dive Carriacou is determined to limit the use of plastic bottles. We will offer you a washable water bottle that you will keep for the duration of your stay.

Dive Against Debris

Rubbish Removal
Our divers gave their time to make the ocean cleaner and cleaner! Many thanks to all of you.
The last underwater harvest... There are still so many of them despite the good will of our divers who are always more numerous to come and give us a hand. Thanks to all of you !

Beach Clean Ups

Beach Clean Ups
Rubbish Removal
We strive to keep our beaches clean as much as possible. this is made easier with the support of all of our friendly locals. long may it continue and we keep making a difference to our beautiful island.

Coral Reef Health.

Coral Reef Conservation ​
It is essential to take care of our reefs. In Carriacou, every year, "Caribbean Reef Buddy" volunteers come to take care of the coral nurseries : cleaning, maintenance, checking the health of the corals and transplanting corals onto the reefs..

About Cariacou's Ecological Balance

Save Water - Save Lives
Carriacou is a small island without a river, the water supply only comes from rainfall and the wet season is very short ! Water is precious, never forget this when you visit us.

Clean Reefs 

We are a non-profit fighting for all ocean and marine life. To take action, we must start with the core of all marine homes - coral reefs. By partnering with existing non-profits and organisations, our purpose is to gather information on existing coral health specific locations. By doing so, we can share information to educate our communities and keep our beautiful ocean reefs alive. Join us in our adventures! ​

Green Fins

Dive Carriacou is the only dive centre in The Grenadines and Carriacou to be awarded the Green Fins Award. we work hand in hand with Green Fins to care and improve our beaches and corals.
Scuba diving, snorkelling and other forms of marine tourism are fantastic activities to introduce people to the marine environment and create new ocean advocates. However, unmanaged, these activities can have acute negative impacts for fragile ecosystems like coral reefs.

Green Fins is a proven conservation management approach – implemented internationally by The Reef-World Foundation and the UN Environment Programme – which leads to a measurable reduction in the negative environmental impacts associated with marine tourism. It aims to protect coral reefs through environmentally friendly guidelines promoting sustainable diving and snorkelling. It provides the only internationally recognised environmental standards for marine tourism and its robust assessment system measures compliance.


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